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Dedicated to the long standing tradition of the Massillon Tigers, we will be introducing custom designed premium quality collector’s items from time to time for Tiger fans. Obiegear was founded by true Tiger fans who understand the Massillon tradition of Tiger Football. Our products are unique, one of a kind rare collector’s items, designed specifically for Massillon Tiger fans, reflecting the quality of the Tiger Football program. We won’t be selling hundreds of sports items or competing with Massillon brick and mortar retailers. If you’re a retailer and you’d like to offer our products please contact us. Check back periodically for new items in the future, or subscribe to our website and we will email you when a new product is developed.

Our first custom Massillon Tiger item

Everyone has heard of the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Company right? You can’t find a better quality product in the world when it comes to these special stainless steel knives and the conveniences they offer. We believe these knives are truly on par with representing the quality of the Massillon Tiger Football program. So we hired a graphic artist from Chicago to create a special Massillon Tiger Obie design of the two most popular knives, just for Massillon fans. We’ve invested a lot of time and $ to make this product happen for Massillon and just completed our first production run. These are the real deal Swiss knives and not some Chinese knockoff so expect to pay a little more (because we did) than you would if you were to buy a generic version Swiss Army knife. And for every knife order placed, a portion of the revenue is sent to the Massillon Tiger Booster Club for licensing fees, and to help fund the future James E Johnson Tiger Scholarship Program (see site dedication). So not only are you getting a one of a kind collector’s item that may never be available again, you are also supporting the program, and Massillon students. Supplies of this collector's version knife are limited and future availability will only be determined by demand.

Massillon Tigers Obie Collector’s Version Knife

HIS - $39.95


Flat rate shipping, any order quantity: $1.99

HERS - $29.95


Flat rate shipping, any order quantity: $1.99

A His and Hers model of this collector’s edition knife have been specially produced. Her model includes a razor sharp blade, nail file/flat blade screwdriver, scissors, tweezers, toothpick, and a keychain ring. We call it Her model because it’s a bit thinner than His model. Both are extremely convenient to carry in your pocket or purse, and are hardly noticeable so you can have these with you all the time without feeling the bulk of a heavier knife. His model adds a bottle opener/Phillips screwdriver. This bottle opener is excellent. I have personally carried this knife for many years and prefer it to all other openers. It’s incredibly convenient to always have an opener in your pocket at any party! And you’ll find yourself being the “go to guy” at any birthday or Christmas event when someone needs a package opened. The scissors are also great! The knives are world known Victorinox Swiss Army quality, meant to last a lifetime. If you’re concerned about carrying this special collector’s version then get one to carry, and one to put on display in your best curio cabinet. Makes a great graduation gift!

All knives and implements, including ours, can cause serious injury. Use, sharpen and care for them carefully and responsibly and only for the purpose for which they are intended. For example, never use a knife blade as a pry bar. Keep out of the reach of children and exercise parental supervision at all times.

Site Dedication

James E Johnson Sr, Massillon Ohio

We have dedicated this website to James E Johnson, season ticket holder since 1948, who passed away in 2010. An avid fan and supporter of the Massillon Tigers, Jim Johnson was a member of the Massillon Tiger Booster Club, The Orangemen, and the Touchdown Club, and promoted Massillon around the world in his executive travels. He was awarded WHS Distinguished Citizen’s Award posthumously in 2012. Jim was a fan and supporter of all sports programs at Massillon, not just football. And he was a big supporter of the Massillon Tiger Swing Band, having married a majorette and having three children who played in the band. He was also the college roommate of the late Wilbur Arnold, who was the caretaker of Obie for many years.

James E Johnson Obituary

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